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Schematic diagram of Tecla Access user case

Tecla Access is a collection of mobile open source and open hardware applications that may be used to enable access to, and extend the functionality of, mobile devices for people with motor impairments.

Our initial goal is to enable access to mobile devices through the same interfaces that powered-wheelchair users employ to move around, thus allowing them to easily select between controlling their wheelchair or accessing their mobile device. The resulting tools and designs will also likely benefit other users with mild to severe motor impairments.

Tecla Access is part of the AEGIS (Ontario) Project. It is funded and supported by the Ontario Ministry of Research and Innovation and the AEGIS (Europe) Project.

Availability and Status

Tecla Access is currently beta software in active development, anyone may install it, try it out, and send us their feedback. For further instructions please visit the downloads page.

Tune in for the latest status from any of:


  • Device Compatibility: A list of devices categorized according to their compatibility with the Tecla Access system.
  • App Compatibility: A list of apps categorized according to their compatibility with the Tecla Access system.


Tecla Access is composed of:

  • The Tecla Access Shield: A standards-compliant Bluetooth device that enables access to Bluetooth-enabled devices from powered wheelchairs and ability switches, and
  • the Tecla Access App. A free client application that receives switch events from the Tecla Access Shield and translates them into actions and command sequences on the target device.

For a historical background on the architecture of Tecla Access, please visit the discussion page.


Tecla Access development is coordinated from the Launchpad project page. Relevant pages with additional details are listed below:


  • Ice Cream Sandwich compatibility
  • Custom switch configuration
  • Access to character variants
  • Custom keyboard layouts
  • Multiple Shield support

Previous Focus

Visit the development log page for a historical record of our development focus.